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About Administrator

About Dhalia Elderly Care Centre

     We are an affordable  24 Hours care and/or day care nursing home with more than 14 years of Experience with The Elderly.
We also implement both modern and traditional medicine and treatments for the elderly's health improvement based on their preference.
Providing services for upcoming appointments and other necessary check-ups are also carried within our prior.  


     A woman of strong resistance, that is filled with a heart full of care and love to be given despite relations.

Grace Maha Lashimi Ramuloo, had built this old folks home with a roof of pure love and care. She has been in the health care line herself, she has been a certified staff nurse since 1985.

With a Doctorate in Traditional Medicine, this woman had been an aid for the elderly since the year 2007, providing them with the best care possible through her capabilities and knowledge.  

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